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Tangoblog - Schlüsselwort "Vita"

Adam Hoopengardner


Adam Hoopengardner excels in many styles of tango. His philosophy of tango is centered on the energy one feels from one's partner, and believes this should inspire the style and movement of the dance. He is confident dancing in open or close embrace and is cherished by followers for his comfortable, clear lead, his creativity, and inspiring musicality. Adam has studied extensively with many of the best dancers and teachers in the US, Europe, and Buenos Aries. When teaching he is able to transmit his mastery of the complex concepts of tango while retaining his innate humor and humility. He bases his classes on the abilities of his students and is able to help them expand their skill and understanding of the dance.
Adam has taught and DJ'd at workshops and festival in the US, Canada, Europe, and Argentina.

Wochenende mit Adam vom 27.-29. Juni 2008 in Erfurt